Tracy Richardson

Los Angeles based multi - media abstract artist, self taught painter with a studio background in sculpture and a bachelors in Cultural Anthropology from UCLA.

Influenced and inspired  through my parents love for buying, remodeling and selling homes and the music and styles of the era. Becoming co investors of an International Art Gallery in the early 1970's  specializing in original oil paintings, my parents began collecting oil paintings and works of fine art like Norman Rockwell and Peter Max. Looking back it was like living in an art history class for a few years.  I have fond memories of going to wallpaper stores and picking out patterns or going to the Galleria  in Houston to visit the International Art Gallery. 

What inspires me now is combing new technology with old technique to create a new kind of work. I decided to attach my paint brushes to my drone and fly it over canvas and paint.

Art Shows -
1991 - West Gray Gallery, Houston, TX
1992 - Downtown Grounds, Houston, TX
              Menil Bookstore, Houston, TX
              Texas Art Supply, Houston, TX
              "Hair Ball" - Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX
1997 - Schupe Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
 2001 - Art Share Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
2020 - ACCA Gallery Online Show, Beverly Hills, CA

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Selfie 2020

This is the artists holding "Deconstructed 6x 16", pieces before assemblage.

Tracy Richardson - at Texas Art Supply Show 1992

First place at Texas Art Supply College art show with her piece, "Dream Catcher" mixed medium - wood, rebar, paper, spray adhesive..1992, in private collection.