Collaboration with the Wind

Using drone technology, modified paint brushes and the power of wind to create new art.

Crow in Flight

acrylic, 2024


“Crow in Flight"

This the process of making “Crow in Flight”, from my drones perspective . I enjoy collaborating with the physics of the wind and the swing of the brush hurled overhead - in an unplanned mark giving physical form to synchronicity - I just let the wind push the brush as I moved into position over the heavy weight paper. I love the randomness and surprise of what image comes from that moment in time, with those particular gusts of wind - at that time of day. To me the paintings are physical representations of the wind and air and I love the process.

Self Portraits of the Wind

Portrait of Wind I

Acrylic - 2023

 Diptych 36x48

Portrait of Wind II

Acrylic - 2023

Diptych 36x48

Portrait of Wind III

Acrylic 2023

Diptych 36x48

Air, Paper, Rocks, Paint

Acrylic - 36 x 48 - 2023